Once Upon a Time in Bangkok

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Drawn by the north jungle or the exotic south islands beaches, a lot of people might think that Bangkok isn’t that interesting as the other part of the country.  For them the capital is summed as the gateway of Thailand, … Continued

Wandering Thailand

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If you end up reading this article that means that you’re possibly starting a backpacking trip through Thailand soon, I’ve been giving some nice plans and itineraries in other posts especially for people who are staying for a short period … Continued

Staying in Thailand for 2 weeks

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Hey Grounders, if it’s your first time in Thailand a 2 weeks journey is not that bad, I think it’s enough to give you an over taste of pretty much everything that need to be done in there, and at … Continued

7 days in Thailand !!

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Well it might happen that some people got to spend only a week in Thailand. You can be on a transit or ending your backpacking trip there before flying back home. I’d rather say that is not enough for such … Continued

Thailand !! Backpacker’s best destination

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As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, I believe that Asia is the most convenient continent for a first backpacking trip. Asia attract every year a massive amount of backpackers, tourists and solo travelers. Everybody pounces in this area known for … Continued

Maglev A.K.A bullet train :

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Shanghai is really an easy city in terms of transportation, I’m not surprise of that due to the great infrastructure they have. There are two international airports in Shanghai, Pudong and Hongqiao  Airport. Hongqiao Airport was for not so long … Continued

The City of Lights

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The Bund located on the west side of the Huangpu River was the historical landing dock of the international Concession back in time. But for me, standing in The Bund feels like the border between two different worlds. In one … Continued

The Chinese New York :

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Shanghai in Chinese means “on the sea” originally a small port and village weavers didn’t seem to be promise to such a cosmopolite expansion.  Given its strategic location this city becomes swiftly one of the most important ports in the … Continued

Top 10 things to do in Beijing !!

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  With approximately 22 million inhabitants, Beijing has a lot to offer to any person who will have the chance to visit this amazing capital. Normally as a traveler, you might not have plenty of times to see everything around … Continued