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Well it might happen that some people got to spend only a week in Thailand. You can be on a transit or ending your backpacking trip there before flying back home. I’d rather say that is not enough for such a huge country with tons of things to see and do, but if it occurs, here is the best itinerary to adopt.

– Bangkok & the West Side :

This is the optimal circuit for a short stay in the country; all the destinations below are less than 3 hours from Bangkok :



1st  day:  Bangkok (Check the proper article )

2nd day:  Ayutthaya (The Old Capital from the Siam Dynasty).

3rd day:  Hua-Hin (favorite sea spot of the Thai aristocracy and the royal family).

4th day:  Sam Roi Yot National Park.

5th day:  Kanchanaburi.

6th day:  Erawan National Park.

7th day:  Back to Bangkok.


– North Thailand :

The north is seen as the cradle of the Thai Culture and traditions, the first people arrived through south China and settled here. Despite the centuries it continues to cling to its roots and that’s why this region is known as the “real” Thailand.

A week is too short for such an important place in the history of the country, nestled on the foothills of the Himalayas , between the Myanmar and Laos it’s a warren of mountains and rivers , but also a crossroads , one of the oldest in Asia ( I’m sure you’ve heard about the Silk Road before ) .

You’ll start your journey in Chiang Mai , second biggest city in Thailand . They are several international flights that goes straight to it , no need to pass by Bangkok especially when you’re in a rush of time ( a week no kidding :p)



1st  day:  Chiang Mai ( Check my article for the North Rose)

2nd day:  Direction Chiang Rai.

3rd day:  Visiting Chiang Rai / Direction Mae Hong Son

4th day:  Visiting Mae Hong Son / Direction Pai.

5th day:  Visiting Pai.

6th day:  Direction Doi Inthanon.

7th day:  Back to Chiang Mai.


– South Thailand :

Another option for people who’re passing by Thailand really quickly would be to stick only in the south islands. I can definitely understand it, for such a short time, nothing better than laying in some exotic beaches and white sand: p getting tanned before going back home. Flying to Phuket would be easy , the island has become an important hub during the last years .

They are several islands in the south; some are still wild when others start to lose their charms due to a strong wave of modernization to accommodate the tourists.  Fantastic diving sites, national parks,  crazy nightlife and chilling spots. For a week trip, I selected the most famous islands, but still , you can pick up other ones if you want to , this area abounds of beautiful and gorgeous sites. (Check this out)



1st  day:  Phuket

2nd day:  Phucket

3rd day:  Ko Yao Yai

4th day:  Ko Yao Yai

5th day:  Koh Phi Phi

6th day:  Koh Phi Phi

7th day:  Back to Phuket.



The 3 itineraries related in this post will make you discover different part of Thailand, as running out of time you will have to come up with a decision depending on what you’re looking for. The North side with it mountains , traditional culture and jungles , the South islands with amazing beaches and exotic spots or just sticking on Bangkok’s surrounding and get an overview about what the country has to offer .

If you finally end up spending more time, check my other posts who gives you more options and more things to see.


Cheers fellas

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