Who never wanted to travel the world , climb mountains , cross oceans , discover new cultures or even lay on golden sands of exotic islands . We all have a desire of exploring new destinations , but some people believe truly on that and choose it like a way of living , while others keep it as unreachable dreams , moaning constantly about a lack of money , time and too much responsabilities.


Time has never been a problem , money neither and responsability …? I don’t think that the planet will stop turning if you thought about taking a break , there is nothing or no one who’s not irreplaceable , and breathing  occasionaly will increase your productivity and allow you to step back and make you more rigorous and efficient.

I’m not asking you for a rebelion , or forcing anyone to drop his routines and habits , i just want you to take a minute and deeply consider the way you spend your time 😀

  •   How many weekends have you spent playing videogames in your room , watching movies you’ve already seen or just chilling at home convincing yourself that you’re too lazy to do anything ?
  •  How much money you spend on shopping , restaurants , snacks , drinks , cigarettes, buying things that you will never use during your entire life ?
  •  Have you ever thought about how much  you could save per year , if you just moderate yourself and your expenditures ….. 3000  , 4000  ,5000 € ?

Did I convince you ………. Then let get started :p

Do you want to travel with small budget , discovering the country of your dreams and getting aware about all  the tips and tricks to never get suckerd again …. Then Ladies and Gentlmen , welcome to my blog 😀



You may say I’m a dreamer
But I’m not the only one
I hope someday you will join us
And the world will be as one


Maybe I’m too much optimistic or expecting a lot from human beings , but my perception of life and my philosophy never let me down and get me through a lot of situations . Since I start traveling I realise how much the world is different from what i’ve heard , read or believe .

Medias rules the world , it’s crazy to see how much impact can have a simple article , documentary or a TV show  making people overreacting and tagging several countries as potential danger , not acessible for tourists .

I believe that danger exist everywhere , it can be right on the corner of your favourite coffee shop 😀 , or in the other side of the world walking in the middle of nowhere . Backpacking or traveling in general , will make you more wiser , with  great composure , choosing always the best option or calming down in front of a bad situations . Why !!! How !!!! …. It’s easy , after all what you will get through , this adrenaline rush that goes on you every moment 😀 nothing will surprise you anymore , having a kind of immunity ( sounds super cool actually :p ) . Whatever , as i always say everything happens for a reason , and it’s all about the story 😀

This blog is on a constant expansion , they ‘re gonna be always something to share , to talk about or just giving some advices so as long as I’m alive  I will keep publishing , writing and relating my adventures.

Cheers Grounders 😀


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