Boracay : The Party Island !!

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This island ain’t for the faint of heart, reminds me a bit of Phucket Thailand or Kuta Bali in terms of the heavy nights , and the massive crowd walking along the beach day and night . This is for sure one of the most touristy places in the country so far, and the nightlife den in the Philippines . So if you’re not into party animal style , you might seriously consider skipping Boracay during your backpacking tour . I can totally understand that , but trust me this little island has more to offer than it seems .

– How to get to Boracay :

The easiest way and the most common is to fly to there , this one is so tiny that the most of the airports are located in Panay Island .


 1- Caticlan Airport :

The closest one to Boracay and by that the more expensive one ,  it only hosts small planes and only during the day because the track is not lit.

2 companies serve the airport : Philippine Airline and Cebu Pacific

Don’t get that excited the airport itself is ridiculously small but at least it got wifi 🙂 . Beware of those guys waiting for you at the exit gates ,proposing a package including( boat ticket and hotel transfer)  you will pay so much more going with them than heading by yourself to Boracay , You can easily walk to the pier from the airport and after paying the environment fee , plus the pier fee and the boat ticket ( 450 pesos in total ~ around 8 euros ) you are finally set to get to Boracay , it took approximately 45 minutes to get to Station 3  .

 2- Kalibo Airport :

This airport is served by a large number of companies , flying to Kalibo will cost you 2 or 3 times less than Caticlan . Located about 2 hours drive from Boracay’s port you will have to take a bus or a minivan to get there ( costs around 400 pesos)

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Why should anyone visit the Philippines ?

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When someone mentions South East Asia, the first countries that come into your mind are obviously: Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.  Some may also suggest Malaysia or Indonesia, but how about the Philippines.

   Imagine yourself visiting an archipelago with 7000 tropical islands, amazing diving spots, white sand beaches and crystal clear water sea, volcano hiking and waterfalls, the famous Chocolate hills and the chance to encounter this little cute tiny primate called “Tarsier”  .There is no more tuk-tuk and Buddhist temples; they take place to jeepneys and Spanish churches.

   Catholicism is the major religion in there that for a moment you start questioning yourself if you’re back to South America again.

  Not convinced yet? I’m not feeling like bothering you guys with more words. How about taking a look by yourself, and get a quick overview of the country.



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Top Things to do in Rio de Janeiro !!

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When anyone talks about Brazil we often get this image of the Christ , the famous Corcovado dominating one of the most beautiful bays in the world protecting this city with his arm wide open . Even if you have never been there , you must inevitably heard about this mythical city , from its carnival , to the beautiful beaches , favelas,  and obviously just hearing music and people dancing “Samba” in every corner of the town.This is definitely the kind of places that will blow your mind .

I dedicated several articles to Rio , because when it comes to this city there isn’t enough words to describe the beauty and the hidden gems you can discover in there .

Heat, colorful buildings, roaring cars and motocycles , fresh coconuts and exotic beaches . This is what makes Rio a dream destination for any travelers . I’ve been lucky to experience walking around this city and I can ensure you that every single area is special , got it own history and architecture and it’s completely different from each other.

I wasn’t able to see everything around , I don’t think that anyone does 😀 Even the Cariocas themselves keep telling me that sometimes they got bewitched by the beauty of the place . So the magic never ends  !!!!!

I made a Top List of the things you can’t miss whilst you’re in Rio , from my personnal point of view those are the activities I have enjoyed most when I was in there 😀  they might be some of you who’ll disagree with me or prefer other things that they’re not mention in here :p I’ll be please to here about their experiences and adventures.


  1. Cristo Redentor
  2. Sunset in Pao de açucar
  3. Experiencing Rio’s Beaches
  4. Explore the Botanical Garden
  5. Visit Lapa & Santa Tereza
  6. Watch a game in Maracana
  7. Hiking around Rio
  8. Little Tour in a Favela
  9. Listen to the Fanke Brasileiro
  10. Let yourself be tempted by the culinary delights of the city

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Welcome to the land of Samba !!

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     Whether it’s your first time in South America or you’re a Latin American addict, it’s impossible to miss a country like Brazil. In terms of size we are talking about the 5th largest country in the world , so we’re not going to lie to ourselves , if you are planning to visit this country you will need time, and by that let’s say at least 3 weeks just to get an over taste of what this South American Colossus has to offer .

  From the infinite Amazon to the giant falls of Iguaçu, from long sandy beaches, a paradisiacal island to picturesque towns with colonial influences, as well as its megalopolis teeming with a multitude of indigenous ethnic groups, descended from African slaves or descendants of European immigrants. This tremendous diversity is reflected in culture, architecture and culinary traditions. How can anyone not succumb to this exotic and thrilling destination?

      We come to discover Brazil for its beaches, for its sunshine, for its music, for the biggest carnival in the world , land of samba , cachaça , exquisite coffee and a country where football is more than just a sport it’s a religion , and moreover  the undoubtedly  joy of living of the people.


If you’re spending half a year or more in South America, probably a couple months in Brazil then no need to rush, you can take your time and travel chill enjoying every single region of the country. Generally I don’t like planning too many my trips, but when it comes to a country as big as Europe a bit of organization needs to be done. The easiest and fastest way to wonder around is by planes, I’m not saying that the buses are bad: D they’re comfortable and run day and night it’s just that time is not in your side for short trips.

Quick Example:  A bus trip from Rio to Manaus (State of Amazonia) takes around 100 hours: p I’ll let you do the math.


They are several airlines company in Brazil, and sometimes if you check in advance the prices are the same as the buses.

Ready for a new adventure …… Get your seat belt, our next stop is Braziiiiiiiiiiiil ^^

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