Boracay : The Party Island !!

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This island ain’t for the faint of heart, reminds me a bit of Phucket Thailand or Kuta Bali in terms of the heavy nights , and the massive crowd walking along the beach day and night . This is for … Continued

Welcome to the land of Samba !!

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     Whether it’s your first time in South America or you’re a Latin American addict, it’s impossible to miss a country like Brazil. In terms of size we are talking about the 5th largest country in the world , … Continued

Once Upon a Time in Bangkok

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Drawn by the north jungle or the exotic south islands beaches, a lot of people might think that Bangkok isn’t that interesting as the other part of the country.  For them the capital is summed as the gateway of Thailand, … Continued

Wandering Thailand

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If you end up reading this article that means that you’re possibly starting a backpacking trip through Thailand soon, I’ve been giving some nice plans and itineraries in other posts especially for people who are staying for a short period … Continued

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