Boracay : The Party Island !!

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This island ain’t for the faint of heart, reminds me a bit of Phucket Thailand or Kuta Bali in terms of the heavy nights , and the massive crowd walking along the beach day and night . This is for sure one of the most touristy places in the country so far, and the nightlife den in the Philippines . So if you’re not into party animal style , you might seriously consider skipping Boracay during your backpacking tour . I can totally understand that , but trust me this little island has more to offer than it seems .

– How to get to Boracay :

The easiest way and the most common is to fly to there , this one is so tiny that the most of the airports are located in Panay Island .


 1- Caticlan Airport :

The closest one to Boracay and by that the more expensive one ,  it only hosts small planes and only during the day because the track is not lit.

2 companies serve the airport : Philippine Airline and Cebu Pacific

Don’t get that excited the airport itself is ridiculously small but at least it got wifi 🙂 . Beware of those guys waiting for you at the exit gates ,proposing a package including( boat ticket and hotel transfer)  you will pay so much more going with them than heading by yourself to Boracay , You can easily walk to the pier from the airport and after paying the environment fee , plus the pier fee and the boat ticket ( 450 pesos in total ~ around 8 euros ) you are finally set to get to Boracay , it took approximately 45 minutes to get to Station 3  .

 2- Kalibo Airport :

This airport is served by a large number of companies , flying to Kalibo will cost you 2 or 3 times less than Caticlan . Located about 2 hours drive from Boracay’s port you will have to take a bus or a minivan to get there ( costs around 400 pesos)

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