Maglev A.K.A bullet train :

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Shanghai is really an easy city in terms of transportation, I’m not surprise of that due to the great infrastructure they have. There are two international airports in Shanghai, Pudong and Hongqiao  Airport. Hongqiao Airport was for not so long … Continued

The City of Lights

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The Bund located on the west side of the Huangpu River was the historical landing dock of the international Concession back in time. But for me, standing in The Bund feels like the border between two different worlds. In one … Continued

The Chinese New York :

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Shanghai in Chinese means “on the sea” originally a small port and village weavers didn’t seem to be promise to such a cosmopolite expansion.  Given its strategic location this city becomes swiftly one of the most important ports in the … Continued

Top 10 things to do in Beijing !!

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  With approximately 22 million inhabitants, Beijing has a lot to offer to any person who will have the chance to visit this amazing capital. Normally as a traveler, you might not have plenty of times to see everything around … Continued

Take out your Chopstick

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Behold your map , no need to search longer , your next destination is the most populated country in the world , the third biggest in terms of area ….. Whattt , you don’t know where we are going yet … Continued

Landing in Beijing

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What is more interesting on a country than visiting its capital , well  for some destinations it will not be the right choice , too industrial and economic framework that does not reflect the real picture of how amazing the … Continued