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Shanghai is really an easy city in terms of transportation, I’m not surprise of that due to the great infrastructure they have. There are two international airports in Shanghai, Pudong and Hongqiao  Airport.

Hongqiao Airport was for not so long a horrible building in white tiles unwelcoming and dilapidated. But recently, in its draft international reputation Shanghai has built an impressive second terminal who’s totally unrelated to the old one (still in business though, serving mostly Japan, Taiwan and Korea).

The biggest and the best known is Pudong International Airport, which has seen a spectacular upgrade in the last few years and become one of the most popular for its comforts and ease of transit. The airport is very modern, pleasant and from which the majority of international flights are operated.


Be aware that the airport is located at the end of Pudong district, about 50 km from the city center. You can take a taxi that takes one hour to get there and costs between 120 to 200 yuan during the day depending on your departure location in the city. The fastest way to reach the airport is to take the “Maglev” from the subway station Longyang Read 磁悬浮.


The Maglev is the fastest train on earth; this magnetic levitation engine can attain a speed of 430km/h. This train has become a major touristic attraction for the city, a 5 to 7 minutes journey to remember: p

You’ll be feeling a bit whiplashed, but that sense of disorientation hints at the fast-paced city that lies ahead. As of now, the Maglev doesn’t extend to the rest of the Shanghai — the train line was built mostly as a prestige project to impress visitors, not to service locals — so the airport run is the one place you can enjoy the ride. Single-ride tickets cost 50 yuan and the roundtrip costs 80 yuan.


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