Top Things to do in Rio de Janeiro !!

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When anyone talks about Brazil we often get this image of the Christ , the famous Corcovado dominating one of the most beautiful bays in the world protecting this city with his arm wide open . Even if you have never been there , you must inevitably heard about this mythical city , from its carnival , to the beautiful beaches , favelas,  and obviously just hearing music and people dancing “Samba” in every corner of the town.This is definitely the kind of places that will blow your mind .

I dedicated several articles to Rio , because when it comes to this city there isn’t enough words to describe the beauty and the hidden gems you can discover in there .

Heat, colorful buildings, roaring cars and motocycles , fresh coconuts and exotic beaches . This is what makes Rio a dream destination for any travelers . I’ve been lucky to experience walking around this city and I can ensure you that every single area is special , got it own history and architecture and it’s completely different from each other.

I wasn’t able to see everything around , I don’t think that anyone does 😀 Even the Cariocas themselves keep telling me that sometimes they got bewitched by the beauty of the place . So the magic never ends  !!!!!

I made a Top List of the things you can’t miss whilst you’re in Rio , from my personnal point of view those are the activities I have enjoyed most when I was in there 😀  they might be some of you who’ll disagree with me or prefer other things that they’re not mention in here :p I’ll be please to here about their experiences and adventures.


  1. Cristo Redentor
  2. Sunset in Pao de açucar
  3. Experiencing Rio’s Beaches
  4. Explore the Botanical Garden
  5. Visit Lapa & Santa Tereza
  6. Watch a game in Maracana
  7. Hiking around Rio
  8. Little Tour in a Favela
  9. Listen to the Fanke Brasileiro
  10. Let yourself be tempted by the culinary delights of the city

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