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If you end up reading this article that means that you’re possibly starting a backpacking trip through Thailand soon, I’ve been giving some nice plans and itineraries in other posts especially for people who are staying for a short period and couldn’t just chill without fixed plans.

Those itineraries are really good, I’m not taking credit for what I wrote :p but this is obviously what every single backpacker in the country will do . If you are planning to stay more than 2 weeks, you can still follow those itineraries. With no rush, you can really take your time and enjoy whatever is the north, south or an overview of the whole country.
For a first time in Thailand and when time is not a matter for you, it would be crazy to not experience everything. Ruling the country from north to south this how it should be done, doesn’t matter where you’re starting, it will depend surely on what you’re planning next. Combining my 2 weeks itineraries is a good option, if not, here is a month circuit you can try as well.


1st  day   : Landing in Bangkok.
2nd  day  : Ayutthaya
3rd  day   : Lopburi
4th  day   : Sukhothai
5th  day   : Sukhothai
6th  day   : Chiang Mai
7th  day   : Chiang Mai
8th  day   : Chiang Rai
9th   day  : Direction Mae Hong Song
10th  day : Mae Hong Song
11th  day : Direction Pai
12th  day : Pai
13th  day : Direction Kanchanaburi
14th  day : Erawan National Park
15th  day : Direction Chumphon
16th  day : Koh Tao
17th  day : Koh Tao
18th  day : Koh Pha Ngan
19th  day : Koh Samui
20th  day : Surat Thani / Krabi
21st  day : Railey Beach
22nd  day : TongSay Bay
23rd  day : Direction Koh Lipe
24th  day : Koh Lipe
25th  day : Koh Lanta
26th  day : Phi Phi Islands
27th  day : Phi Phi Islands
28th  day : Phucket
29th  day : Fly to Bangkok
30th  day : Bangkok
31st  day : Bangkok




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