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     Whether it’s your first time in South America or you’re a Latin American addict, it’s impossible to miss a country like Brazil. In terms of size we are talking about the 5th largest country in the world , so we’re not going to lie to ourselves , if you are planning to visit this country you will need time, and by that let’s say at least 3 weeks just to get an over taste of what this South American Colossus has to offer .

  From the infinite Amazon to the giant falls of Iguaçu, from long sandy beaches, a paradisiacal island to picturesque towns with colonial influences, as well as its megalopolis teeming with a multitude of indigenous ethnic groups, descended from African slaves or descendants of European immigrants. This tremendous diversity is reflected in culture, architecture and culinary traditions. How can anyone not succumb to this exotic and thrilling destination?

      We come to discover Brazil for its beaches, for its sunshine, for its music, for the biggest carnival in the world , land of samba , cachaça , exquisite coffee and a country where football is more than just a sport it’s a religion , and moreover  the undoubtedly  joy of living of the people.


If you’re spending half a year or more in South America, probably a couple months in Brazil then no need to rush, you can take your time and travel chill enjoying every single region of the country. Generally I don’t like planning too many my trips, but when it comes to a country as big as Europe a bit of organization needs to be done. The easiest and fastest way to wonder around is by planes, I’m not saying that the buses are bad: D they’re comfortable and run day and night it’s just that time is not in your side for short trips.

Quick Example:  A bus trip from Rio to Manaus (State of Amazonia) takes around 100 hours: p I’ll let you do the math.


They are several airlines company in Brazil, and sometimes if you check in advance the prices are the same as the buses.





Ready for a new adventure …… Get your seat belt, our next stop is Braziiiiiiiiiiiil ^^

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