Why should anyone visit the Philippines ?

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When someone mentions South East Asia, the first countries that come into your mind are obviously: Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.  Some may also suggest Malaysia or Indonesia, but how about the Philippines.

   Imagine yourself visiting an archipelago with 7000 tropical islands, amazing diving spots, white sand beaches and crystal clear water sea, volcano hiking and waterfalls, the famous Chocolate hills and the chance to encounter this little cute tiny primate called “Tarsier”  .There is no more tuk-tuk and Buddhist temples; they take place to jeepneys and Spanish churches.

   Catholicism is the major religion in there that for a moment you start questioning yourself if you’re back to South America again.

  Not convinced yet? I’m not feeling like bothering you guys with more words. How about taking a look by yourself, and get a quick overview of the country.



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